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Useful Downloads

The following is a list of all of the programs that I’ve written over the years, to make the job of taking care of an FD kitty a bit easier. Many of them are now several years old. They are no longer supported and will not be updated. I am leaving them here, in case someone finds them useful. Any special requirements will be noted in the program descriptions.

These programs were written to make my life easier. I’m giving them freely to anyone who can use them. These programs are in no way meant to take the place of advice from a qualified veterinarian. They should be used at your own risk.

Currently Supported Apps

  • CarbCalculator.zip – This is the newest version of the Android Carb Calculator, as of 9/10/2019. There is nothing wrong with the old one. This one just has a cleaned up interface and I’ve removed the wet carbs and dry carbs buttons to avoid confusion. I also added a library for saving foods. This is something that the iOS version has had for a while. This version can also be downloaded from Amazon here.
  • CarbCalc – This is a carb calculator written for iPhones. It is a free app, and is available in the Apple App Store. Click here to go to the App Store.

Out of Support Applications

  • CatCarbCalc.zip – This is a carb calculator app that is written for Android devices. It should work on anything running Android 2.1 or greater. It’s really handy for calculating carbs while in a pet store. Note: This is the older version of the app. It still works fine. CarbCalculator.zip is newer.
  • OldCarbCalculator.zip – Useful program for calculating the percentage of carbohydrates in cat food. This is a windows application.
  • TimeCalculator.zip – A program for calculating the difference between two date/times in hours and minutes.
  • BGUnitConverter.zip – A program for converting between US and European units. I know that this is easy to do with a calculator, but with this program, you can enter multiple values at once and copy and paste the results.
  • Carb Calculator Spreadsheets.zip – Two Open Office spreadsheets. One for calculating carbs from a list of foods, and one for calculating carbs for a single food. These cannot be run without Open Office.

Do you have a good idea for one of the existing apps, or an entirely new app? Let me know by going to the Contact page. I’m always looking for new ideas.