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Have something to say? Have an issue with one of my apps and need someone to talk to? If you have any suggestions or just need to get in contact with me, fill out the form below. If requested, I’ll be in touch.

Note: Please don’t contact me with questions regarding TR. I am strictly tech support. For immediate assistance with TR, use the following links

One more Note: I only support my apps, the website, forum, and Facebook group. I do not support individual phones or other apps, such as Tapatalk, that are used to read the forum. Aside from providing a plugin to allow Tapatalk use, I have nothing to do with the app. My apps are written to work on many phones, but I cannot guarantee compatibility, nor troubleshoot incompatibility. I will not modify my apps for individual devices.

I can be reached by email at support@diabeticcathelp.com, or by filling out the contact forum below.