All kitties are sweet. Some are just a bit sweeter
Welcome to Sweetkitties

This site is dedicated to cats with Feline Diabetes and their owners. It was developed specifically for supporting software written for the Tight Regulation (TR) Protocol. With Tight Regulation, it is not only possible to get your cat to a healthier state; it’s also possible to get your cat into remission. Your vet may have explained the possibility of remission, or may have completely overlooked it, but it is possible and even likely while following TR.

A diagnosis of Feline Diabetes can definitely be a shock, but it is not the end of the world. It is a disease that is very manageable with proper care and nutrition. Since 2009, the goal of Sweetkitties and its sister site, Diabetic Cat Help has been to assist those with diabetic cats in bringing their cats back to better health. Though diabetic cats have challenges that non-diabetics don’t, there is no reason why they can’t be healthy and strong. In fact much of the information available to diabetic cat owners will actually give your cat the best health that it’s ever had. Click the links above to find out more about TR and how to best take care of your diabetic cat. Use the forum link to visit the Diabetic Cat Help forum, and begin to give your cat the help that it needs.